UConn Adventure Race


Sunday, September 25 – CAN YOU SURVIVE?

Welcome to the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE of your toughness, brains and teamwork!

More than just an obstacle race the UConn Adventure Race asks you to work as a team to overcome challenges both physical and mental to determine who is UConn’s baddest of the bad! Many of our challenges are a mystery until race day but you are guaranteed to experience some fantastic trail running, crazy canoeing, the legendary Mud Crawl and our diabolical race finish, the Sloppy Slope. Be a part of this UConn tradition!


Visit RecRegistration, click the IM Leagues Module and sign your team up today!
For more information on how to build your team visit our IM Leagues Registration Guide.

$75 per team – UConn Student or Student Recreation Facility members
one non-UConn affiliated guest allowed per team

Registration includes:

  • Event T-shirt
  • Bus transportation to and from campus (participants may drive themselves. See below for directions)
  • Refreshments
  • Prizes (awards for top 3 teams)

Building Your Team

  • Teams consist of three racers, co-rec only, with one male or female participant required per team
  • Team Captains must be UConn Students or Student Recreation Facility Members with RecReg access
  • One guest is allowed per team. Please see our Guest Information Form.

Race Day Information
10:45AM – Teams meet in front of the Student Recreation Facility for bus transport to Bicentennial Pond
11:00AM – Buses depart
11:15AM – Race registration begins. *Note- if you are driving separately please arrive to the park at this time.
11:40AM – Race briefing with all the teams
12:00PM – Race begins
2:00PM – 3:00PM – Race finishes
3:00PM – 3:30PM – Awards Ceremony (approx)
4:00PM – Buses depart for UConn Campus

  • This race is hardcore and intense. If you thought this was easy like the Warrior Dash then think again! Get your mind right for throwing down hard!
  • You will be wet and covered in mud for most of the race! Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and bring a towel and a warm change of clothes for post-race.
  • Do not wear clothing or sneakers of value. You may want to throw away the clothes you wear following the race because you will encounter substances beyond mud, dirt, and water!
  • Did I say wet? I mean drenched, soaked, and saturated. Can you dig it?
  • All team members must bring their UConn ID’s. Guests may bring a current drivers license. No ID, no race!
  • Each team will have their own bin to store personal items during the race. The bins will be available at any time during the event at the Start/Finish line.
  • Bathrooms and changing areas are available on site.
  • We will have one hydration station located at the Start/Finish Line. We strongly recommend all racers hydrate properly prior to the race.
  • Don’t Bonk! Some snacks will be provided but we recommend bringing some of your own high energy foods/gels, etc., to keep your engine fired up during the race. Just leave them in your teams race bin and grab them when needed.
  • The race goes rain or shine, snow or hail, fire or brimstone!
  • Race spectators are welcome…and appreciated. We love a rowdy crowd!
  • Any specialized equipment required to complete the course will be provided for you on site. Any other equipment other than what is supplied is prohibited and will be confiscated and sold on the black market.
  • First-Aid is available on-site but athletic training services are not supplied. All racers are responsible for their own athletic training needs.
  • Did we mention the whole hardcore thing?

Challenge by Choice
Your safety is our priority. This event is “challenge by choice” and if you, or any member of your team, does not wish to participate in a specific segment it is your decision to make. By opting out of any race element, your teams overall time will no longer count towards awards. We encourage thoughtful consideration of each individuals abilities and comfort level as they relate to the race.

Race Location Information