PACK Group Training


What is Summer Pack Training?

Summer Pack Training is a 5-week small group training program. Each week builds on the progress made in earlier sessions with exercises designed to improve agility, functional strength, power, and muscular strength. Throughout the program, workouts will deliver varying degrees of intensity, starting with foam rolling, a dynamic warmup, and peaking with high-intensity agility and strength exercises.  Every Pack is made up of six participants, creating a friendly and motivational workout environment. Whether you are new to fitness or looking for something to switch up your routine, our certified instructors will motivate you through challenging and creative workouts. Pack Training offers an exciting new way to work out that will push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished.


Who is Summer Pack Training for?

  • Pack Training is open to all SRF Members at any fitness level.
  • For questions regarding existing injuries or eligibility, please contact Brooke Dragon at (860) 486-3096 or


Here’s What You Get:

  • 5 weeks of structured workouts that focus on progression, skill development, and enhanced fitness at every level
  • Use of exclusive functional fitness equipment including kettlebells, sandbags, weight vests, battle ropes, jump ropes, plyo boxes, and much more!
  • Pack Training exercise towel, water bottle, and T-shirt


Session Dates and Location – Summer Session 2

Summer Pack Training Session 2 begins July 10th and ends August 11th.

Pack 1: 12:15PM – 1:15PM | Mondays & Wednesdays w/ Lauren F.

Pack 2: 6:30AM – 7:30 AM | Tuesdays & Thursdays w/ Becca

All Sessions will meet at the BodyWise Fitness Studio in the Student Recreation Facility.



  • $60

Program Registration

  • Registration will open at 11:00 AM on June 20th and will close on June 30th.
  • All program registration is done via the online registration portal
  • During your initial visit to the system, you will be required to set up a complete user profile.
  • Once your profile is created, you can enter the system and manage your recreation program requests.
  • The Pack Training Sessions can be found by clicking on the week of July 10th on the Home Screen Calendar.



Your Pack Training Session online registration will be considered “pending” until you make the required payment in person at the SRF Customer Service Center. Payments can be made in the form of Cash or Check payable to “UConn Recreation.” All payments must be made in full.


Payment Deadline

Following your pending request, payments must be received at the SRF Customer Service Center by 5:00pm the next business day or your request will be released.