Bodywise Class Descriptions


Flexibility & Recovery

This class will use active recovery such as foam rolling and various stretching techniques to reduce muscle soreness and increase muscle flexibility. This class will also concentrate on stability and balance work to strengthen muscles to help prevent injury. This class is essential for those looking to train smarter, perform better and recover faster.

Foam Rolling

This 30-minute class uses foam rolling as a recovery technique to reduce muscle soreness and prevent future injury.  This class is essential for those looking to train smarter, perform better, and recover faster.


This 30-minute class focuses on strengthening and stabilizing all of the muscles that make up your core – abdominals, lower back, and obliques.  This class is for all fitness levels and will include a large variety of exercises to work your entire core.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT the ground running with our high intensity interval training class. This intense, cardio-based class will dynamically test your strength and endurance while challenging you mentally and physically.


Kickboxing mixes aerobic and anaerobic elements, which incorporate the use of your fists, elbows, feet and knees. This intense cardiovascular program will transition you from a gradual warm-up to an intense high intensity workout that will keep your heart rate high and end with a cool down.


Using only your own body weight and gravity, Pilates will strengthen your entire body.  Classes will focus on integrating all muscles, rather than exercising each body part separately. Focusing on strength and flexibility as a whole you’ll achieve better alignment and teach your body to work more efficiently.


SPINNING® is a fun and intense workout that takes place on specialized Spinner® bikes. Group cycling is a great physical and mental workout that is appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned riders. Our staff of experienced and trained instructors will motivate and lead you through each ride.

Spin & Core

This 90-minute combo class couples an intense 50-minute SPINNING® ride with 30 minutes of core exercises using all of your own bodyweight!  This class will leave you feeling great as you increase your cardiovascular endurance and core strength.

Spin Pilates

Spin Pilates is a 90-minute combo class that couples an intense SPINNING® workout with total-body Pilates.  Classes being with a 50-minute ride and finish with a 30-minute Pilates routine. Spin Pilates will increase your cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle control and body alignment.

Spin & Strength

Spin & Strength is a 90-minute combo class that couples an intense SPINNING® workout with body strengthening exercises for a complete workout.  Classes being with a 50-minute ride and finish with 30 minutes of muscle-strengthening exercises with a variety of fitness equipment.  These classes will improve muscle definition in all major muscle groups.  With the combo of cardio and strength you are sure to walk away feeling great!


X-Fit is an intense, functional training based workout that will keep your body guessing so you never reach those physiological plateaus. Using an array of equipment our instructors will develop unique and challenging rounds of workouts where your personal goal is to consistently improve upon previous rounds. In this class you will need to channel your inner athlete and face your toughest opponent… YOURSELF.

Yoga – All Levels Yoga

This class is perfect for the new student yet will still challenge the intermediate student. All levels yoga includes breathing, postures and meditation to create strength, openness and flexibility. You will leave feeling fantastic!

Yoga – Flow Yoga

This class focuses on the Vinyasa flow style, which synchronizes postures with breath, and focuses on the fluid movement in and out of the postures. There is a strong focus on the correct alignment of each asana, helping students gain a greater understanding of how to connect more deeply with their bodies through the practice. The class is a unique blend of Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga, and students are encouraged to move at their own pace.


Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba is a dance aerobics class that combines Latin-inspired rhythms along with pop music to create a fun and energizing workout for all fitness levels.