Fall 2020 Communication to Club Sports

Based on the guidance of the medical director for Club Sports and affirmed by the Medical Director of SHaW, Fall Club Sports will not be permitted to practice or compete in the fall 2020 season. Additionally, based on current State guidelines, the winter and spring Club Sport Teams will not initiate activity until the return to campus in January 2021. Confirmation of the start of the winter and spring sports will be based on State and University guidelines at that time.

We feel a sense of responsibility to our UConn community. We are all being asked to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of this virus. By delaying the reopening of the Club Sports program, we will be actively reducing the chance of community spread through close contact sports, sports equipment that is not easily cleaned, and travel to other regions for competition. We hope you will join us in doing everything you can to reduce the spread of this virus. If everyone does their part, we will be able to provide sporting opportunities for you again in the near future.

What this means:

  • No Club Sports activity for the Fall semester
    • No practices
    • No tryouts
    • No competitions
    • No team gatherings or organized activities
  • Tier Status – all team’s tier status will remain the same as 2019-2020
  • All Club Sports Funding Frozen – until further notice
  • League Communications – pass along to our office as they come in but understand and communicate to league(s) that UConn will not be committing to and supporting Club Sports activity until January 1, 2021, at the earliest.
  • Operational Expectations
    • All team requirements will be frozen until further notice
    • Rosters will be inactive until further notice
    • Clearance to Play and all other required participation forms will be managed as normal
  • Athletic Training Services
    • Communication with the athletic training staff will be available as normal.
    • Athletic trainers will not be meeting with any athletes in person.
    • All requests for evaluations, treatments, return to play will be referred to our partners at UConn Health.