Spring 2021 Communication to Club Sports

Based on the guidance of State of Connecticut guidelines, the medical director for Club Sports and affirmed by the Medical Director of SHaW, Spring Club Sports will not be permitted to practice or compete in the spring 2021 season.  With that being said, allowable activity for Spring 2021 will include:


Virtual Activity (February 1-April 9)

  • Tryouts/New Member Recruitment
    • Teams may hold individual tryouts where athletes submit content to be reviewed by officers
    • Teams can engage in new member recruitment by holding info sessions and/or individual recruitment calls
    • Club Sports specific Involvement Fair – week of March 1st. More information will be sent out via email.
  • Executive Board Meetings
    • Officers may hold regular meetings between members of the executive board
  • Team/Coach Meetings
    • Teams may hold regular meetings as a group or individuals. These meetings can include coaches and prospective members
    • Athletes may meet individually with coaches for additional instruction
  • Fundraising/Service Events
    • Teams may engage in individual or group fundraising and service activities that take place entirely online
    • UConn Foundation Info Sessions will take place on Jan. 26th (11am) & Jan. 27th (1pm) for clubs to gather more information on fundraising efforts
    • Community Service can be set-up by individual teams but Club Sports may assist in identifying specific opportunities, if interested
  • Athletic Training

In-Person Activity

  • Workout/Fitness Competitions
    • A Club Sports wide fitness competition will take place engaging all members to stay active for the entire semester. Prizes will be awarded to top teams/individuals, as well as by random drawing for participation. More information will be sent out via email.
    • One-day Triathlon – March 27th. Prizes will be awarded for top individuals.
    • 5K Run – April 22-25
  • Jonathan’s Challenge
    • University wide competition comprised of various programs and activities

Please note all events must be in accordance with university policies and procedures including the practice of social distancing, group size restrictions, and wearing a face covering