In recognizing the need for specialized instruction, the Club Sports program welcomes the relationship between coaches/instructors and the Club Sports teams. The role of a coach/instructor is that of a teacher, mentor and role model.

It is a choice made by each club as to whether or not they hire a coach/instructor for their team. If a team decides to hire a coach/instructor, this decision is solely left to the discretion of the club and its members. The University of Connecticut and UConn Recreation have no influence in determining the status of a coach/instructor within each club.  A coach/instructor may be paid by the Club Sports teams or serve as a volunteer.

Coaching/Instructor Classifications

  • All coaches/instructors will be classified into two categories:
    • Head Coach/Instructor
    • Assistant Coach/Instructor
  • In addition, all coaches/instructors will be designated as:
    • Paid
    • Unpaid

**Note: All coaches will need to have a contract/agreement on file with the Club Sports office.

Hiring Process

  • Each team is responsible for recruiting and interviewing a coach/instructor for their respective teams.
  • The team must assure the candidate meets all requirements set forth by the governing body/league affiliation for the respected sport(s).
  • The team will notify UConn Recreation of their coach/instructor for hire.


  • Club Sports Coaches'/Instructors' Agreement.
  • All contracts must be submitted electronically to the Club Sports office by October 1st for the upcoming academic year.
  • If the team is using USG Funds to pay a coach/instructor, additional paperwork must be filled out each semester through the USG Funding Request.

Terms of Agreement

  • The length of the agreement between the coach/instructor and the team will be for the duration of the academic year.
  • Either party may terminate the agreement at any time provided written notification stating the reason for termination.
  • The option to renew a coach/instructor will occur in June following the completion of the academic calendar year.


  • Teams may choose to either pay a coach/instructor for their duties through USG or team funds. It is the responsibility of the team to ensure proper payment of agreed upon funds each semester.

Access to Facilities

  • For teams that utilize the Student Recreation Center (SRC), UConn Recreation will provide access to the facility for one designated coach/instructor.
  • The team must email the Club Sports office with the individual’s name, email and home address in addition to a copy of the coach’s/instructor’s agreement (contract) for the upcoming academic year before access will be activated.

Team Requirements

____ Conduct a thorough search verifying the coach/instructor meets all the necessary qualifications required by UConn Recreation.

____ Provide an electronic copy of the contract/agreement with all coaches/instructors working with the team.

____ Provide the Club Sports office with the necessary information for the individual identified for SRF access (if applicable).

____ Provide the Club Sports office official documentation displaying the team has adequate funds for the agreed amount of payment.

____ Conduct at least one evaluation during an academic year with their coach(s)/instructor(s) and provide a typed electronic copy of that evaluation to the Club Sports office.

Coach/Instructor Evaluation

All teams are expected to conduct a formal evaluation with each coach/instructor on their staff (paid and unpaid) by the last day of classes in the spring semester. The team is expected to schedule an evaluation meeting with each coach/instructor and all officers of the team.

Behavioral Requirements

  • Teams are responsible for the conduct of all coaches/instructors (paid and unpaid) associated with the team.
  • If a team is in non-compliance with any of the following areas, they may lose funding, may be placed on probation or may be de-activated as a Student Organization.
    • Behavioral expectations of coach/instructor
    • Employing paid coaches/instructors without a contract on file with the Club Sports office

Coaching Non-Compliance

If a Club Sport Team or Coach is found to be in non-compliance with our current coaching policy and standards, the following procedure will go into effect.

  1. Team/Coach will be notified by the Club Sports staff that a violation to the coaching policy has occurred.
  2. The Club Sports staff will review violation(s).
  3. The Club Sports staff will determine appropriate sanctions and notify the team/coach.

Examples of non-compliance may include:

  • Failure to comply with coaching policy
  • Failure to have proper required paperwork on-file
  • Arranging terms outside of the scope of the formal, signed agreement
  • Failure to be up-to-date with required certifications
  • Failure to complete coaching evaluations by given deadline

Sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of facility time
  • Loss of funding
  • Suspension
  • Termination