Tier Requirements

Governing Body A club must demonstrate they belong to a National and/or International Governing Body where they compete against other colleges and universities outside of The University of Connecticut Teams must provide the Club Sports office with a current league affiliation. The submitted Governing Body will be reviewed and subject to approval by the Club Sports Office. Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Members Each club must have a minimum number of members on their roster through FusionIM. Clubs will not be able to add additional members to their team after the deadline has passed. Teams must have their final roster on FusionIM. 25 20 17 14 10
Minimum Annual Dues (per person) Clubs must charge a certain amount for dues dependent of their Tier classification (minimum of $100 from members on the primary team) Teams must provide the Club Sports office documentation showing dues were deposited into their SABO account for verification purposes.  Dues verification will be via printed SABO bank statements. $500 $300 $200 $150 $100
Fundraising Clubs must fundraise 60% of their annual allocation threshold dependent on the maximum amount allotted in their Tier classification. Team dues will not count towards the fundraising requirements. Teams must provide the Club Sports office with a fundraising plan during spring semester budget planning meetings for the following compliance year.  All fundraised monies must be deposited into the team SABO account, verified by the Club Sports office and meet the 60% requirement. $5,100 $3,750 $2,160 $1,350 $600
Competitions Clubs are required to compete in a minimum number of competitions dependent on their Tier classification. Competition is defined by the following: Team (five members or more competing together in an event with the exception of Crew) competition between two teams counts as one competition (example, soccer match is one competition). Individual/Dual (four members or less) competitions against other schools will count per day as one. (example, Running meet competes against 10 different schools over one day will count as one competition). 16 14 12 10 8
Service Hours Clubs must complete a certain number of community service hours within the year dependent on their Tier classification. Each team will submit service hours confirmation throughout the semester to the Club Sports Office. 400 300 200 150 100
Alumni Relations Clubs must maintain an active alumni database. In addition, each club must publish one alumni newsletter and host at least one Alumni event per academic year. Teams will maintain an electronic database for their alumni with the Club Sports office providing updates once a semester. Each team will also email a copy of their alumni newsletter. Teams will notify the Club Sports Office and receive approval prior to hosting their Alumni event. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes