Fall 2020

The SRC will operate with limited capacity, services and programs. UConn Rec is committed to the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff, and will therefore follow all University and State-issued guidelines.

*The SRC plans to remain open through the fall 2020 semester with the understanding that the University or the State of CT can make changes at any time.*

Program: Status: Notes:
Recreation Facility Open Open with reduced capacity + social distancing
Locker Rooms Limitations Showers offline, No towel service
Gyms / Courts Limitations Sport restrictions in place, First Come First Serve
Fitness & Wellness Open BYO Fitness Mat | Online & Virtual Classes also available
Adventure Center Open Open with expanded hours and rentals
Climbing Center
Open Pre-Register for Orientations & Clinics | Open Climb is Drop-In
Cycle Share Open Visit site for full details
Track Open Masks Required, Adhere to posted signage
Aquatic Center Open Open with reduced capacity
Club Sports Closed No games or practices permitted
Intramurals Closed No leagues or competition Fall 2020

Know Before You Go!

Student Recreation Center Access

The University is taking student health and wellness very seriously by significantly limiting access to the Student Recreation Center to students living on-campus or participating in on-campus classes.

Students who are living off-campus and taking all classes on-line are not able to access the Student Recreation Center this fall. Off-campus students, however, are able to access all virtual programs and services offered by UConn Recreation.


1. All students should check the live capacity counter on our mobile app prior to visiting.

Get the UConn Rec App >>

The SRC will allow members access until the facility has reached maximum capacity of 250 members.
Once maximum capacity is reached, students are advised not to visit the SRC until the facility falls below maximum capacity.


2. Ensure you are symptom free before visiting the SRC.
View CDC Guidelines


3. Prepare for your SRC entry temperature check.

  • Access to the SRC will be granted if you have a body temperature of 99.9°F or lower.
  • If you have been exercising or walking in direct sunlight your temperature may be elevated, please allow yourself time to cool down before entering.


4. Make sure all university fees are paid.
Visit Student Administration System website


5. Ensure compliance with all Student Health and Wellness requirements.
Visit SHaW website

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Important Information

Capacity Counter

Know Before You Go!

  • SRC capacity numbers are limited to 250 and can be checked online via the UConn Rec App.
  • Once capacity is reached, entry will be restricted by SRC staff at the access gates.


A mask covering the nose and mouth is required in the SRC at all times.

  • Masks are required to enter the SRC and must be worn during ALL activities.
  • Masks are required on the pool deck and may be removed for swimming only.
  • If you have a need to interact with our staff and their mask blocks your communication access, please visit the Customer Service Desk.

University approved masks are required - See guidelines

Bandannas and masks with exhalation valves will not be permitted to enter the SRC.

Social Distancing

Maintain 6 ft. social distancing throughout the SRC.

  • ENTER ONLY - North Entrance (School of Business)
  • EXIT ONLY - West Entrance (Bookstore)
  • Fitness equipment has been pre-spaced and marked to maintain proper social distancing.
  • Keep to the right on all stairways and in all corridors.
  • Please adhere to posted signage, floor markings, and SRC staff guidance.


Help Keep UConn Healthy!

  • Clean equipment before and after every use.
  • Multiple equipment wipe stations are located near equipment in all fitness areas.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the entire SRC.
  • Remember to wash hands thoroughly before and after all activities.
  • Rec and UConn Facilities staff will conduct intensive cleaning each day from 1:00pm-3:00pm and at closing.
  • High-touch point items and common spaces will be cleaned throughout operational hours.

Unavailable Services

The following services are unavailable until further notice:

  • Towel Service
  • Showers
  • Day Use Lockers
  • Equipment Check
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Exercise Mats
  • Guest Passes

What Should I Bring?

All members should bring the following items.

  • Mask - required to enter and to be worn at all times.
  • UConn ID or SRC ID - required to enter.
  • Sweat towel - towel service is unavailable.
  • Water Bottle - bottle filling stations are available.
  • One bag only - backpack size is suggested.
    • Bags must remain with members at all times.
  • Fitness Mat - if needed

Facility Information

Locker Rooms

Locker rooms will be available in a limited capacity.

  • Showers are unavailable.
    • Swimmers should shower prior to arrival.
  • Towel service is unavailable.
  • Day use lockers are unavailable.
  • Masks and social distancing are required in all locker room areas.
  • Bags may not be left unattended in locker rooms.

Locker sales are available at our Customer Service Center:

  • August 31st -- September 4th
    • Monday - Friday
    • 7:00am - 1:00pm
    • 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Courts & MAC

Courts and MAC are restricted to the following:

  • 1 vs 1 Badminton - drop in use
  • 1 vs 1 Pickleball - drop in use
  • 1 vs 1 Racquetball - online reservation required
  • Basketball is not permitted - balls/baskets are unavailable.
  • Volleyball is not permitted - balls/nets are unavailable.
  • Indoor Soccer is not permitted - balls/goals are unavailable.

Fitness Zones

All fitness zones are open!

  • Our large selection of fitness equipment is still available.
  • Items are spaced and clearly marked to promote social distancing.
  • Gym wipes and hand sanitizer are in all areas to use before and after your workout.
  • Remember to bring your own fitness mat!


Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center is Open

  • Masks required in locker room and on pool deck.
  • Masks are not required while swimming.
  • Please shower prior to visiting the SRC.


  • Total Capacity 16
    • 8 swimmers in Lap Pool
    • 4 swimmers in Rec Pool Lap Lanes
    • 4 swimmers in Rec Pool Zone
  • ONE swimmer per lane
  • ONE bag allowed per swimmer per lane
  • Bring your own equipment (kickboards, pull buoy, etc.)


The walking/jogging track is open.

  • Masks are required at all times.
  • Adhere to all posted rules and directional signage.


    Equipment Check

    The SRC Equipment Check kiosk is unavailable until further notice.


    Fitness & Wellness

    In Person Classes

    In-Person Class Guidelines

    • Walk-Up Registration at Studio prior to class. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early!
    • Classes limited in size to allow for social distancing protocols.
    • Wear a mask (covering the nose and mouth).
    • Fill water bottle and (if needed) use restroom PRIOR to entering the studio.
    • Bring your own mat (when applicable).

    More Info

    Virtual Fitness & Wellness

    Virtual classes are available!

    Registration is required for online access to videos/streaming content.

    More Info

    Cleaning & Disinfecting

    In-person class participants will:

    • Enter studio and take 2 disinfectant wipes, proceed to an open workout station.
    • Remain at station after check-in (1 person per station).
    • Use 1 wipe to clean off equipment prior to use, place used wipe to the side.
    • Use the 2nd wipe to clean off equipment after class.
    • Leave equipment at the station.
    • Wait for instructor’s cue to throw away wipes and exit studio.

    Additional Info:

    • Studios and equipment will receive additional cleaning during the 1:00pm-3:00pm shutdown as well as after closing.
    • Participants should wash hands before and after all Group Fitness activities.
    • Multiple hand sanitizer stations are available in each studio.

    Adventure Center

    Extended Hours

    Open 7 days a week! Free rentals!

    To maximize access to our amazing fleet of outdoor equipment, the Adventure Center is now open seven days a week and is offering most rentals at no charge!

    More Info

    Cycle Share

    Hit the road with Cycle Share!

    • Over 100 bikes available.
    • Semester and weekly rentals.
    • Helmet, lock, and service included.

    More Info


    The Adventure Center has many resources available!

    • Learn about local parks, trails and hiking/biking options.
    • Maps and guides are available.
    • Call or visit the UAC to learn more!

    More Info

    Trips & Clinics

    Due to travel restrictions, adventure trips and clinics will be limited.

    • Fall 2020 programs TBD

    Climbing Center

    Walk-Up Reservations

    All climbing sessions and orientations will be first come first served.

    Please arrive early to check in at the Climbing Center before the start of any scheduled Orientation or Open Climb Session.

    More Info

    Rental Equipment

    Rental gear will be available, but limited:

    • Community Chalk rental is unavailable until further notice.
    • A Limited quantity climbing shoes and harnesses will be available each day.
    • Bring your own shoes!

    Cleaning & Disinfecting

    The Climbing Center will operate under the State and University Guidelines for Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting.

    • Harnesses cleaned with soap & water after use (harnesses will only be used 1x per day)
    • Belay devices cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each use
    • High-touch surfaces cleaned every 2 hours

    Club Sports

    Based on the guidance of the medical director for Club Sports and affirmed by the Medical Director of SHaW, Fall Club Sports will not be permitted to practice or compete in the fall 2020 season. Additionally, based on current State guidelines, the winter and spring Club Sport Teams will not initiate activity until the return to campus in January 2021.

    Read more >


    Based on the current State Guidelines & Requirements as well as the guidance of University medical staff, we will not be offering any Intramural Sports activities for the Fall 2020 semester.

    Depending on State and University guidelines, we hope to offer Intramural Sports opportunities Spring 2021 semester at the earliest.


    Access To The Student Recreation Center

    During the fall 2020, COVID-19 reopening, can I access the Rec Center?

    The following will provide Student Recreation Center access:

    • Students living on-campus have SRC access
    • Students taking in-person, on-campus classes have SRC access

    Know Before You Go!  Students above must ensure compliance with the following:

    1. SRC capacity numbers are limited to 250 and can be checked online via the UConn Rec App
    2. Ensure you are symptom free – View CDC Guidelines
    3. Prepare for your SRC entry temperature check
    4. Make sure all university fees are paid – visit Student Administration System
    5. Ensure compliance with all Student Health and Wellness requirements – visit SHaW website

    The University is taking student health and wellness very seriously by significantly limiting access to the Student Recreation Center. Off-campus students, however, are able to access all virtual services offered by the Rec Center.

    Do I have to wear a mask to access the Rec Center?

    Yes. For your safety and the safety of others, masks covering the nose and mouth are required to enter and remain in the Rec Center.
    Masks are required on the pool deck, however can be removed when swimming, only. 

    Bandannas and masks with exhalation valves will not be permitted to enter the SRC.

    University approved masks are required - See guidelines


    Will the Rec Center be open during the 2-week quarantine period?

    No. The Rec Center will officially re-open on August 31st 

    How will I know if the Rec Center has hit their capacity number?

    SRC capacity numbers can be checked online via theUConn Rec App.  

    UConn Rec HIGHLY encourages all members to check the live capacity counter on our mobile app, website, or registration portal prior to visiting.  

    Can I bring a guest in with me?

    No. At this time, UConn Recreation will not be selling or allowing any guest passes. 

    What are the hours for the Student Recreation Center?

    What should I bring with me to the Rec Center?

    • Members need to bring their valid Student ID or SRC ID to scan for entry
    • Members need to wear an appropriate mask or face covering
    • Upon entering the facility, each member is allowed 1 bag to accompany them (backpack size bag is suggested)
    • Members should bring their own sweat towel or swim towel
    • Water bottle (filling stations available)
    • Locker Rooms are open; however, NO BAGS or ITEMS may be left unattended at any time in the locker rooms
      • Current policy states that bags may not be left near equipment or in one of the workout zones, however, due to the current Covid-19 Guidelines, your personal belongings need to stay with you at all times. Proceed with caution when placing your bag or personal items near equipment.

    I live off-campus; can I still use the Rec Center?

    Yes. However, if you are feeling ill or have been around others that are ill, we ask that you refrain from entering the Rec Center.  

    All of my classes are virtual; can I still use the Rec Center?

    Yes. However, if you are feeling ill or have been around others that are ill, we ask that you refrain from entering the Rec Center.

    Facility Information

    Will you have equipment out of use?

    Yes, however, most equipment in each fitness zone is available and spaced appropriately.

    In an effort to provide appropriate social distancing, some machines will be shut off and unusable. Machines will be clearly identified as such. 

    What social distancing requirements are in place?

    All visitors must wear a mask and maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing.

    Signage and floor markings are used throughout the facility to provide guidance.

    Can I still take a fitness class at the Rec Center?

    Yes. Fitness & Wellness will provide in-person group exercise as well as virtual fitness classes. Registration for in-person group exercise classes is required; registration opens 24 hours prior to each class. 

    Are the locker rooms available?

    Yes, at a limited capacity.  Showers and towel service are not available.

    Will lockers be available to rent?

    Yes. For a limited time members may visit the customer service desk to obtain a locker rental (while supplies last).

    In-person sales ONLY during the week of August 31, 2020 thru September 4, 2020;      

    7:00AM-1:00PM and 3:00PM-6:00PM 

    I was not able to visit the Rec Center to clean out my locker during the posted clean-out times, how can I get my things?

    Communication was sent to all members regarding their locker and expiration dates. If you were unable to visit us during our designated clean-out period, our staff collected your belongings and tagged them for your retrieval. Please visit the Customer Service Desk and let our staff know that you are there to pick-up your locker belongings. Please be sure you have your student ID with you.

    Are showers available?

    No. All showers are unavailable for use.

    Will the pools be open?

    Yes. However, the pools are currently closed for repairs. The pools are scheduled to re-open mid-September. Members are asked to shower prior to coming to the Rec Center when using the pool, as showers are unavailable. 

    Is the walking/jogging track open?

    Yes. Mask required at all times. Please adhere to directional signage.

    Are drinking fountains available?

    No. All water fountains have been disabled.

    Water bottle filling stations are available for use.  Don't forget to bring a water bottle!

    Will you store lost and found items?

    Yes. If you think you may have lost something, please visit the Customer Service Desk and ask to speak to a Manager on Duty regarding your item(s).

    *Due to COVID-19 precautions, water bottles will not be collected for lost & found.

    When will payroll deduction or automated billing resume?

    All automated billing will restart upon the re-opening of UConn Recreation Center on August 31, 2020:

    • Payroll Deduction – pay date 9/25/20.
    • Recurring Monthly Credit Card – billing date 9/1/20

    What is the best method of contact if I have additional questions?

    Any additional questions may be emailed to recreation@uconn.edu.

    *Please note that during this reopening period, your best method of communication with us will be through email.
    For the most up-to-date information, please visit our website (recreation.uconn.edu) and social media platforms. (IG, FB, TW @UConnRec)
    Contacting us at (860) 486-0002 will direct you to a voicemail that will be checked daily.

    Cleaning & Disinfecting

    How will the Rec Center be cleaned?

    Deep cleaning will occur from 1:00pm-3:00pm daily and when the building closes each night.

    High-touch point surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.

    Members are also asked to wipe down any equipment before and after each use.  

    Are hand sanitizer and gym wipes available?

    Yes. Hand sanitizer stations are located frequently throughout the building. Multiple gym wipe stations are located in all fitness areas and studios.
    We ask that members wipe down all equipment before and after each use.  Members are encouraged to wash hands before and after workouts or activities.