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Equipment Orientation Workout

Equipment Orientation Workout

Welcome! You've completed our Equipment Orientation and are on your way to reaching your fitness goals with UConn Rec! We've created you 2 sample workouts to help get you started. For each machine below:

    1. Adjust seat height and other adjustments
    2. Complete 8-10 repetitions
    3. Complete 3 sets of each exercise
    4. Rest 30 seconds between each set
    5. Rest 1-2 minutes between each machine

We're here to help! Ask any Fitness Attendant at the HUB if you have any questions regarding these workouts!

Workout 1

    1. Leg Press

    2. Chest Press

    3. Lateral Pulldown

    4. Shoulder Press

    5. Bicep Curl

      6. Tricep Press

      Workout 2

      1. Leg Extension

      2. Leg Curl

      3. Pec Fly

      4. Seated Row

      5. Cable Machine Tricep Extension