Pack Training

Pack Training is a small group training program. Each week builds on the progress made in earlier sessions with exercises designed to improve agility, functional strength, muscular strength, and power.

Throughout the program, workouts will have varying degrees of intensity, but each class will have the same structure: foam rolling, a dynamic warm-up, and high-intensity agility and strength exercises.

Every Pack is made up of eight participants, creating a friendly and motivational workout environment. Whether you are new to fitness or looking for something to switch up your routine, our certified instructors will motivate you through challenging and creative workouts. Pack Training offers an exciting new way to work out that will push your limits and leave you feeling accomplished!

Pack Training is open to all UConn Rec Members at any fitness level.

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Jennifer Clark
Coordinator - Group Exercise

Pack Training Schedule – Fall 2022

Fall Schedule – Sessions begin Monday 9/12 and end Thursday 11/17 (10 weeks). All sessions are 60 minutes in length.

All sessions will meet in the Functional Training Studio (2nd floor) in the Student Recreation Center. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of each session.

7:00am Pack Session 1
Pack Session 2
Pack Session 1
Pack Session 2
4:30pm   Pack Session 3
Pack Session 3
5:30pm Pack Session 4
Pack Session 4

Here’s What You Get

  • Structured workouts that focus on progression, skill development, and enhanced fitness at every level
  • Use of exclusive functional fitness equipment including TRX, kettlebells, TIYRs, sandbags, weight vests, battle ropes, jump ropes, plyo boxes, and much more!
  • Pre and post program fitness assessments
  • Pack Training shaker bottle
  • Pack Training T-shirt

Registration Details

Registration opens 9AM on Friday, September 2nd and closes 12PM on Friday, September 9th.


Pack Training Session registration and payment is Online Only.

Spots are filled first come first serve.

$120 Students & Members + CT Sales Tax of 6.35%

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