Intramural Sports Participants Guide

Employment Opportunities

Many opportunities exist for students to work in paid positions at UConn Recreation. Experience is not mandatory; all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Prior to employment, the department staff will conduct mandatory training sessions that discuss policies, rules, and performance expectations. Outstanding sport officials are offered many opportunities to officiate local leagues, receive certification to officiate high school games, and more. Both work study and student labor candidates are welcome.

The following positions are available:

  • Sport Official
  • Intramural Supervisor (Previous experience necessary)
  • Intern (Bachelor’s Degree required)

Intramural Sport Officials

One of the most difficult tasks in any intramural program is the recruitment and training of student officials. Student officials are the backbone of our program. The primary prerequisites for all officials are dependability, self confidence, a willingness to learn and study the rules, and the ability to communicate tactfully with participants. These officials assume an immense task and are there to help produce healthy, fun, and safe playing environments. In an attempt to continually upgrade the quality of the officials, mandatory training clinics are required for each sport. Specific information regarding time and place of these clinics will be announced in advance of that sport season so that students can plan to attend. Contact us at 486-2357 if you are interested.