Intramural Sports Participants Guide

General Information

Intramurals & Tournaments

These programs provide various structured sport opportunities for our participants. There are participation opportunities for men’s, women’s, and co-recreational play. Leagues, and tournaments will be offered in various formats. Registration dates, schedules, and other pertinent information will be posted on the intramural webpage at, as well as on the IMLeagues site.


Team captains will have the ability to request preferred game times and playing dates for certain leagues. Since team captains are encouraged to input their team’s availability, game rescheduling is limited. Teams may not postpone or cancel games by agreement. The Intramural Office reserves the right to reschedule games when necessary. All changes will be posted on the IMLeagues site.

Team Captains’ Quiz

Team captains’ are responsible for demonstrating knowledge of all intramural policies and procedures by completing a mandatory captains’ quiz as part of registration. Necessary information to complete the quiz can be found in this handbook, as well as in the rules packet for each respective league or tournament.

Team Jerseys

Teams are encouraged to wear their own color-matching jerseys with visible numbers on the back. No taped-on or pinned-on numbers are permitted. Pinnies will be available at the game sites for teams that need them. In order to use a pinnie, each player must leave his/her UConn ID with the scorekeeper during the game. The participant will be issued his/her UConn ID back, once his/her pinnie is returned to the scorekeeper. A t-shirt with full sleeves (short or long) must be worn underneath the pinnie issued by UConn Recreation.

Inclement Weather

Administrative postponements or cancellations occur when the weather or other uncontrollable factors make postponing games necessary. If the weather is questionable, check the intramural webpage or Twitter account (@UConnIntramural).

Registering a Team

All team registrations will be accepted online, through IMLeagues, during the proper league or tournament registration period.
Steps to register a team:

  • Register team on IMLeagues during registration period
  • Complete Captains’ Quiz
  • Select team’s time preferences

Teams will be approved for each league in the order in which they complete the registration. Once leagues are full, teams will be placed on a waiting list and may be accepted in the event a team drops out.

Registering Individual Players

Teams will be allowed to add new players to their roster throughout the season, including playoffs. All roster additions must be completed through IMLeagues. For a player to be eligible to participate in a game, that player must be added to the online roster and accepted by the captain by:

  • 4:00PM on the day of a game held Monday-Thursday
  • 10:00AM on the day of a game held Saturday-Sunday

Valid UConn ID Required to Play

A valid UConn ID is required to participate in Intramurals and Tournaments.
If a student or SRF member forgets his/her UConn ID card, one may gain access by:

  • Obtaining a “One-Time Access Pass” from the Customer Service Center (no fee)
  • Purchase a nonrefundable $5 guest pass from the Customer Service Center (if that individual has already used a One-Time Access Pass during that semester)

Free Agents

Players looking to join a team may add themselves to the IMLeague’s free agents list, where they will also be able to view teams looking for players.


At the conclusion of most team sport seasons, there will be All-Stars selected. The selections will consist of players from all levels and divisions (when applicable) and will be chosen with input from captains, officials, intramural staff, and opponents. Skills, impact, attitude, and sportsmanship will be taken into consideration when selecting the All-Stars.

Forfeit Procedure

If a team fails to appear or have the required number of eligible participants at the scheduled game time, the opposing team who is present will have the following options:

  1. Take the win by forfeit at that time. No contest will be played.
  2. Choose to wait until the opponent arrives to compete.
  • The official game clock will start running as scheduled.
  • The game will commence once the opponents arrive with whatever game time is remaining on the clock.
  • The waiting team will be given a scoring advantage.
  • If the opposing team is not ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled game time, a forfeit win will be declared for the waiting team.

If neither team has the required number of players at the scheduled game time, both teams will be given 10 minutes to complete their team. No scoring advantage will be given to either team in this case.

Team Forfeit Fee & Re-Entry Fee Procedure

Prior to registering for all Intramural Leagues & Tournaments, the captain (or individual) must agree that if his/her team (or individual) forfeits a game or match, his/her University of Connecticut fee bill will be charged $25. In addition, for leagues, the team will be required to pay a re-entry fee of $25 (non-refundable) by 4:00PM the next business day in order to remain in the league. The re-entry fee must be paid in cash at the Customer Service Center located in the lobby of the Student Recreation Facility.If the team does not pay the re-entry fee, they will be dropped from the league and may be replaced with available teams on the waiting list. All players who signed in for the team prior to the forfeited game will no longer be eligible to continue participating in that sport for the remainder of the season. The replacing team will assume all wins and losses of the team that dropped out of the league (accumulated All-Campus Championship points and sportsmanship not included).

Note: As long as a team pays the re-entry fee after a forfeit, they will remain eligible for the playoffs based on W/L record and sportsmanship rating. A forfeit counts as a loss.

Safety and Attire

Proper attire must be worn for each activity. Religious medallions and medical identifications must be removed from chains and taped or sewn under the uniform. An individual may be allowed to wear religious objects if the individual requests prior approval from the Coordinator of Intramurals and Tournaments.

Unapproved Apparel

  • Street/dress clothes (i.e. jeans or shoes)
  • Bare feet, sandals, work-boots, or five-finger shoes
  • Metal cleats and screw-ins of any kind
  • Exposed jewelry of any kind (rings, earrings, ropes, bracelets etc.)

Taping of jewelry is not permitted.

Medical Procedures

UConn Recreation assumes no responsibility for injuries received during intramurals, tournaments, and other recreational activities. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination prior to participating. Any injuries or accidents occurring during recreational activities should be reported immediately to on-duty personnel. Anyone bleeding or having blood on their clothing will be prohibited from participation.