Intramural Sports Participants Guide

Intramural All-Campus Championship

At the end of each school year, overall championship teams will win prizes in Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Recreational Divisions.

Point System For Intramural All-Campus Championship

Participation Points Per Sport = 50 (sport seasons), 20 (individual, dual, one-day)
Win = 10
Tie = 7
Loss = 5
Default = 0
Forfeit = – 10
1st Place = 30
2nd Place = 15
3rd Place = 10
4th Place = 8
5th Place = 5
6th Place = 3

  • The team must finish the regular season to receive participation and
    All-Campus Championship points.
  • Participation points are only given once to each team/individual for each event, regardless of how many teams/players are participating in the event.
  • If a team with the same name signs up multiple teams in that sport and any one of those teams forfeits out of the league without finishing the regular season, that team name will not receive participation points for that sport.
  • Each group may enter as many teams or individuals as they want in all sports with the same team name. However, only one team for intramural sports seasons, top two teams for one-day team events, or top four finishers in the individual/dual events will receive points towards the All- Campus Championship .
  • Be sure to use the same team name throughout the year to earn All-Campus Championship Points.