Intramural Sports Participants Guide

Intramural Format

Team Sports

A round robin or pool play structure will be used during the regular season in each division whenever possible. Tournament structure may be changed when it is necessary to accommodate special circumstances. The format for the playoff tournament will be single elimination.

Individual/Dual Sports

Many of the tournaments will be single or double elimination in structure, depending on the number of entries. Tournaments will be drawn at random; there will be no seedings.

Tie Breaking Procedures

  1. Intramural points earned for the sport
    When computing points for win/loss record, the following system will be used:
    Win= 3 points
    Tie= 1 point
    Loss= 0 points
    Forfeit= -1 point
  2. Head to head
  3. Sportsmanship rating
  4. Total point differential for all games
  5. Coin flip

This procedure will be applied to break all ties.

Levels of Play

Different levels of competition (A, B, C) in each division will be available whenever possible.

A: Most Competitive

B: Competitive

C: Less competitive