Intramural Sports Participants Guide

Protests, Sportsmanship, and Participant Conduct

Protest Procedure

Teams or individuals may file a protest concerning the misapplication of rules and/or policies as well as individual/team eligibility. Matters involving an official’s judgment are not a basis for protest.

The captain of a protesting team is required to make the protest to the officials in charge of the contest at the time the question is raised. Once play has resumed, a protest will not be valid. The officials are responsible for notifying the intramural manager, who will note the game situation so that the contest may be replayed from that point, in the event the protest is upheld.

After the protest is reviewed, the Coordinator of Intramurals and Tournaments will rule on the protest. The decision will be final.

Sportsmanship and Participant Conduct

Following each contest in most team sports, the game officials, intramural manager(s) and scorekeeper will rate each team on their sportsmanship. Teams qualifying for the playoff tournament (using W/L record) must average at least a “B” (3.0) rating to be included. Teams must maintain a “B” (3.0) rating throughout the playoff tournament. Teams dropping below a 3.0 average during the playoffs will be eliminated from the tournament. If it is the winning team that drops below a 3.0 average, the next available team (with a 3.0 average) may be placed in their spot to continue in the spirit of participation. Specific rating regulations are listed in the rule packet for each sport.

Teams will not receive a grade for a game that is forfeited. Exception: game(s) played, then forfeited due to player(s) eligibility. Ratings will be cumulative based only on the number of games played.

Good sportsmanship is required of all participants. Players and spectators are to conduct themselves properly at all times. UConn Recreation reserves the right to suspend or disqualify groups or individuals for unsportsmanlike conduct at any time. Unsportsmanlike conduct before, during, and/or after a game (event) will not be tolerated. The team captains are expected to assist the department staff and will assume full responsibility for the conduct of the team and spectators.

Any player or fan who has to be removed or ejected from a game or playing area for conduct of an unsportsmanlike nature is automatically ineligible from further competition and will be suspended for any major infractions. (General Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Disrespecting officials or opponents, misuse of equipment, taunting, use of foul language, etc.)

All ejected players must leave the playing area/facility. If the player refuses to leave within five minutes, the game may be forfeited and the team captain will be held accountable.

The decision of an official or intramural staff member to eject a player or spectator for any unsportsmanlike conduct (be it verbal or physical) will be firmly upheld by UConn Recreation. Protests of this type will not be accepted. Absolutely no exceptions.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Individuals, teams, and spectators who arrive intoxicated, suspected of consumption, or possessing alcohol, tobacco products or other illegal substances will not be permitted to play and will be asked to leave the playing area. The game may be forfeited and the offending individuals immediately suspended. UConn Recreation will not tolerate such behavior and will act in a manner that is prudent, with the safety of all participants the priority. Such individuals will be dealt with, given a minimum of a 365-day suspension and will be subject to University disciplinary procedures.