2021 Capstone Awards
2021 Employees of the Year
Anna Redway

Anna Redway

UConn Rec Employee of the Year

Highlights from Anna’s nomination:

Anna has been working for UConn Recreation since her freshmen year. She works as both a fitness instructor and fitness attendant. As a veteran fitness instructor, she is one of our lead instructors and has been a tremendous help as we found our new normal for group fitness in this pandemic. From submitting countless on-demand videos to going live on our IG in her scenic backyard, she continued to work and support UConn Rec from afar. Anna continues to teach her regular scheduled classes on top of co-teaching in the Group Fitness Instructor Training course; Anna does it all! She does it by showing exceptional leadership, passionate work ethic, and professional integrity. She is the employee we can always count on, always meets deadlines, and always asks how she can improve. Anna exemplifies what it means to be our Employee of the Year. Congratulations Anna!

Bethany Dixon

Bethany Dixon

Rookie of the Year

Highlights from Bethany’s nomination:

Bethany is always a pleasure to have on a shift. She is very dependable in a busy and fast paced environment. She is also always willing to step-up and help in any way possible. Bethany has learned to balance multiple roles with UConn Rec, working as a facility attendant, customer service attendant and teaching her SPIN class. She is one of the friendliest faces in the Rec Center and provides quality customer service to all patrons. Bethany truly believes in the UConn Rec way and continues to promote healthy living through her actions. Congratulations Bethany!

Julia Russo

Julia Russo

Spirit Award

Highlights from Julia’s nomination:

Julia’s confidence and passion has and continues to shine on and off the podium.  Her attitude is so engaging that she has inspired many of our current fitness instructors in training to pursue a certification with us. Within her first year of employment, not only has she shown her commitment to UConn Recreation’s core principles but her work ethic and leadership potential continues to thrive. As she navigates this year instructing group fitness throughout the pandemic, she has proved leadership is not only shown by leading a class, but by inspiring others to step out of their comfort zone through drive and passion. Congratulations Julia!

Adam Kinsley

Adam Kinsley

Ace in the Hole

Highlights from Adam’s nomination:

Adam has been a vital support to our department as we prepared to re-open safely this school year. As we re-configured our building over the summer, Adam worked diligently to create and post all signage and notices throughout the building to help us meet or exceed the university standards in our “new-normal”.  However, most importantly, Adam contributes to UConn Rec with a positive and helpful “Can-do” attitude. Given the pressure of deadlines and quick turnaround times, he delivers quality work that has benefited almost every area of our department. He brings a strong work ethic with him to any project he is tasked with and has risen to the many challenges we have faced during a more than challenging school year. Congratulations Adam!

Grace Brangwynne

Grace Brangwynne

Beth Biercevicz Award

Highlights from Grace’s nomination:

Grace has been the cornerstone of the customer service group for the 2020-2021 academic year. She joined us in the fall and immediately brought energy, professionalism, and top-notch customer service to our operation. From having a no nonsense attitude to encouraging people to have a “bomb-diggity” workout, Grace has her focus on the patron at all times.  At the kiosk, she greets each person warmly and with a genuine tone. Everyone knows Grace because she is kind, consistent and focused on others at all times. Congratulations Grace!

Ryan Garrett

Ryan Garrett

Employee of the Year Operations & Facilities

Highlights from Ryan’s nomination:

Ryan Garrett is the Employee of the Year from UConn Rec’s Facility & Operations area. This award is given to an employee who leads by example and demonstrates exceptional work ethic, initiative and attitude. Ryan has been a committed employee with UConn Rec since 2019. He is proactive when completing tasks, puts 100% effort into his work and takes ownership of his area. There is no task Ryan cannot be trusted to complete. He understands what it takes to do this job with the highest quality and makes sure he never settles for less than his best. We are honored to award Ryan Garrett with the Facilities Employee of the Year award. Congratulations Ryan!

Courtney Radzinsky

Courtney Radzinsky

Employee of the Year Fitness & Wellness

Highlights from Courtney’s nomination:

Courtney Radzinsky is the Employee of the Year from UConn Rec’s Fitness & Wellness program. Courtney has been working for UConn Recreation since her sophomore year. She is one of our lead instructors and has been a tremendous help as we all were striving to find our new normal for group fitness during a pandemic. Courtney is not only a role model for all our instructors, but she has also helped to take the lead with our social media highlights, which has been very successful and something that all have looked forward to seeing each week. Courtney is an employee we can always count on because she leads by example, takes initiative, and always delivers. Congratulations Courtney!

Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

Employee of the Year Outdoors

Highlights from Stephen’s nomination:

Stephen Baker is the Employee of the Year from UConn Rec’s Outdoors program. Stephen began working with us in his freshman year and has been an outstanding employee ever since. This past year alone Stephen really stepped up and showed exceptional leadership. With the pandemic changing our operation this year, we were worried that we might lose some of the culture and community that has been built at the climbing center; but Stephen led and continued to foster that welcoming environment for climbers and more importantly the staff he worked with. Stephen’s reach is so appealing that he recruited many of our climbers and staff to participate in other UConn Rec events not related to climbing! Congratulations Stephen!

Danielle Bartlett

Danielle Bartlett

Employee of the Year Support Services

Highlights from Danielle’s nomination:

Danielle Bartlett is the Employee of the Year from UConn Rec’s Support Services area. Danielle has been an amazing addition to our staff.  She understands the essential function that she fulfills with the Centralized Student Employment area within UConn Rec and she does it with attention and dedication.  In her role, Danielle must track hundreds of student staff; she has devised countless databases to organize information that at times we need updated or reported very quickly. In addition, she also reviews all our student job applications, and assists with our recruitment efforts.  Danielle’s strength with data collection and interpretation of information has been essential to our operation this year due to the pandemic. It is because of the dedication and the effort that she puts in her job, that she is our Support Services Employee of the Year. Congratulations Danielle!

Congrats to Our Graduating Seniors!

Student Employees Graduating Spring 2021

Administrative Assistant

Chelsea Ortiz

James Green

Noah Greer

Olivia Hamula

Climbing Center

Connor Blodgett

Connor Ratte

Daniel Bocchino

Nicole Morson

Peter Westphal

Stephen Baker

Vivienne Picavet

Club Sports

Amable Aristy

Erin Halpin

Grace Meador

Megan Callahan

Megan Fried

Quentin Valeriano

Customer Service Assistant

AJ Fiondella

Alivia Araniti

Allison Jenks

Annaliese Angelo

Caitlyn Gresh

Caroline Crean

Emily Stanwood

Grace Brangwynne

Jayanne Perkins

Jennifer Caldwell

Lindsey Fleck

Marissa Della-Giustina

Michael Picard

Natalie Ciarcia

Rachel Markoya

Sophia Gabriel

Stephanie Chinwo

Facility Attendant

Allison Comeau

Anthony Eanniello

Caitlin Shramm

Callie Tenebruso

Caroline Rosales

Christopher Vanderels

Emily Daley

Emma Peak

Hannah Pakech

Hayley Andros

Hayley Newhouse

Kexin Zhu

Melita Seibel

Rayana Downer

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Pellegrino

Tyler Yeomans

Fitness Attendant

Alexandra Marecki

Annabel Wert

Britney Boursiquot

Dustin Gad

Erin McConnell

Jahz Branch

Madison Gonzalez

Fitness Instructor

Anna Redway

Caitlyn Curtis

Caroline O’Dwyer

Caroline Selesky

Catherine Qiu

Courtney Radzinsky

Emily Burke

Emily Hutter

Emily Rivoira

Emily Zimmer

Erica Stietzel

Hannah Broderick

Hannah Fields

Julia Russo

Kate Burns

Lily Frontero

Melanie Makula

Sara Leon

Sara Taskoski

Sarah Tsuruo

Sarina Tucker

Serena Verma

Sundari Birdsall

Sydney Brault

Tyler Nowakowski


Brendan Taylor

Chloe Pizzolato

Colin Barlow

Elena Haarer

Glen Kaelin

Jake Aparo

Jake Otten

Jasmine Smith

Kelly Murphy

Kristin Lussi

Marissa Kaufmann

Matthew Elliott

Noah Gomes

Richard Sandella


Addison Best

Duran Gonzalez

Juan Rojo

Lauren David

Michael Russell

Nazair Peters

Nicolas Lombardo

Noah Tedeschi


Brittany Shuster


Aedan Spaar

Brianna O’Brien

Klaudia Sokolowski

Michaela Woods

Monisha Jain

Qi Xia

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Support Services

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UConn Outdoors

Adventure Center Attendant
Bike Mechanic Assistant
Climbing Center Attendant
Climbing Center Manager
Climbing Center Route Setter

Student Employment


We are seeking Lifeguards, Summer Softball Intramural Officials, Attendants in Customer Service, Facility, Climbing Center, Adventure Center, Group Fitness, and Bike Mechanic Assistants.

Training provided for qualified applicants.

Application Process

The process of applying for a job at UConn Recreation begins with completing an online application.

The application deadline is Sunday, April 12th.

Our employment portal will only be open during this recruitment period.
A full and complete application will include:

  1. A complete application submitted online
  2. A résumé attached (the Career Center has staff available to assist in resume preparation).


Completed applications must be submitted by midnight, Sunday, April 12, 2020.


Qualified candidates will be contacted by a UConn Recreation staff member to schedule a phone interview.

For those who have already applied, the next step of the interview process will be announced soon. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Facility Attendant


UConn Outdoors

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Climbing Center Attendant

Club Sports

Club Sports Site Manager