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Rental Information

No online reservation, call or visit the Adventure Center in-person to rent your Cycle Share Package

Included with each rental:
Cruiser bike Bike helmet Bike lock

Rental Information

Summer Long-Term Bike Rentals are available May 8th through August 9th. No reservation required, bikes are available in person on a first come, first served basis.

Included with each rental:
Cruiser bike Bike helmet Bike lock


Who Can Register for the Cycle-Share Program?

Any member of the Student Recreation Center

What Does a “Cycle Share Bike Package” Contain?

1 Cycle Share Bike, 1 helmet, and 1 bike lock.

Can I Rent More Than One Bike Package at a time?

Sorry, No. Due to the limited number of Cycle Share Bikes, SRC members can rent only one package at a time.

Can I Return My Cycle Share Equipment Early?

Yes, customers can return equipment anytime prior to the rental due date during UAC business hours.

Can I Extend My Cycle Share Bike Rental for Longer Than One Rental Period?

There are no extensions or renewals of a bike rental. A new bike may be rented if there are bikes available.

What if my Cycle Share Bike Needs Repair During a Rental Period?

Bring the bike back in to the UAC and provide our staff with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing. Our Bike Mechanics will address the issue as quickly as possible. There is no charge for issues that are part of "normal wear and tear" such as tube replacement, chain replacement, tune-ups, etc.

What If I Return My Cycle Share Rental After the Due Date?

A $5 per day "Late Fee" will be applied to your bill for any piece of the Cycle Share Bike Package that is not returned by the Rental Due Date until the item(s) are returned or the customer claims Total Loss. If "Total Loss" is claimed for a piece of rental equipment, a Replacement Fee will be applied to your University Fee Bill based on the combination of items missing.