Athletic Training

The mission of University of Connecticut Club Sports Athletic Training is to enhance the quality of health care to the Club Sport Athletes by delivering exceptional care through education and prevention, assessment and evaluation of injury sustained while participating in competitive Club Sport programs.

Services offered by the Athletic Trainers include:

  • Practice, game, and special event medical coverage for home events.
  • Injury prevention (taping, padding, bracing, equipment fitting, strength and conditioning consultation).
  • Immediate care (care of severe and non-severe acute injuries; emergency care of cardiac conditions; triage to appropriate medical facilities).
  • Recognition and evaluation of athletic related injuries.
  • Events will be covered in the following priority:
    1. Game/Match/Competition
    2. Practice

All questions relating to coverage for a specific team should be referred to the Club Sports office via the team leadership.

It is expected that all coaches/instructors fully cooperate and comply with all decisions made by the Athletic Training staff regarding eligibility and player safety.

Required Forms

  1. Assumption of Risk, Permission to Treat & Confidentiality Release,
  2. Concussion and Injury Disclosure
  3. Clearance to Play                                            

Any person who participates on or tries out for a Club Sports team must complete all required forms  Forms 1 & 2 will be acknowledged electronically by each participant when joinig a Club Sports team online.

The Clearance to Play form is located on the Student Health Services Website and must be submitted by scanning and uploading to the Student Health Portal

NOTE: If your team acquires new members before the roster deadline, they also must complete these forms and your roster must be updated accordingly.

Accident Reports

Any time an injury occurs at practice, home/away competitions or any other related activity, an Accident Report must be submitted within 24 hours.  This form can be submitted by the injured person, or a team officer (i.e. Safety Officer).

–If Athletic Trainer IS present, they will fill out the Accident Report

–If Athletic Trainer is NOT present - Accident Report should be submitted within 24hrs by:

  • Athlete
  • Officer

Inactive/Active Procedure

  • Club Sports Staff reviews/approves Accident Report
  • Athlete will be designated INACTIVE on team roster
  • Email will be sent to:
    • Injured Athlete
    • Officers
    • Coach
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Club Sports Staff
  • Athlete designated ACTIVE after clearance from Athletic Trainer and/or Physician

Non-compliance & Discipline

First Offense:

  • Verbal Warning
    • Athlete
    • Officers

Second Offense:

  • Suspension for individual athlete
  • Loss of facility time for team

First-Aid Kit Retrieval

At the beginning of the year, each club must coordinate with the Club Sports office to sign-out their First-Aid kit.  At the end of the year, each club must coordinate with the Club Sports office to return their First-Aid kit. 

Athletic Training Quiz

Clubs will be sent information regarding guidelines/expectations for Athletic Training and will be required to complete a quiz that will be included in the Fall Semester Report.