Prospective Athletes

Follow the steps below to register to participate on a Club Sports team. All required documentation and forms can be found in the registration steps below.


How to Register for a Club Sport:

1. Submit Clearance to Play Form to SHaW

Complete the
Clearance to Play Form


Upload it to the
Student Health Portal

2. Complete Medical History Form

Complete the Medical History Form:

Medical History Form

3. Register on Fusion Club

Follow these steps to register on Fusion Club:

Fusion Club Registration Steps

4. Attend Practice/Tryouts

Players eligible for practice and/or tryouts are marked as “Active” in Fusion Club by the Competitive Sports Office once Steps 1 and 2 have been verified.

Players must be marked as “Active” by 12pm the business day prior to practice/tryouts they are attending to be eligible to participate.

View the Tryouts Schedule

For team specific questions, please contact the Team President

All decisions on rosters are made solely by the Team’s Leadership. UConn Recreation is not involved in roster decisions.

Only students who pay the Student Recreation Fee or purchase a Student Non-Fee membership may register for club sports. If you do not pay the Student Recreation Fee on your Fee Bill, please follow these instructions on how to purchase the Student Non-Fee membership and register for club sports.