Student Memberships

Membership is included with payment of student tuition and fees.

All currently enrolled Storrs-based undergraduate and graduate students who pay Storrs tuition and mandatory fees, including the Storrs General University Fee (GUF) & Student Recreation Center Fee, are members of the Student Recreation Center as outlined on the Bursar’s Office website.

Please refer to your Fee Bill to verify payment of the required fees.

SHaW Non-Compliance or Bursar Holds
Students with SHaW Non-Compliance or Bursar holds applied to their accounts will have their access privileges denied until the associated hold is cleared from their account. Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website or the Bursar's Office website for more information.

Student Memberships COVID

Reopening UConn - Covid-19 Limited Student Recreation Center Access

The University is taking student health and wellness very seriously by significantly limiting access to the Student Recreation Center to students living on-campus or participating in on-campus classes. Students who are living off-campus and taking all classes on-line are not able to access the Student Recreation Center this fall. Off-campus students, however, are able to access all virtual programs and services offered by UConn Recreation.

SHaW Non-Compliance or Bursar Holds
Students with SHaW Non-compliance or Bursar holds applied to their accounts will have their access privileges denied until the associated hold is cleared from their account. Please visit Student Health and Wellness , the Bursar's Office or refer to your Fee Bill for more information.

Non-Student Memberships

New Memberships
New membership sales will only be available to Faculty, Staff, and UConn Affiliates.
Memberships are available for purchase by appointment only.
Please email to schedule an appointment.

Guest Passes
Guest Passes will not be available for purchase at this time.

All Memberships Include:

Fitness Center

  • Fitness Zones: Four separate areas of open workout space with cardio and weights, totaling 32,000 sq. ft.
  • Aquatic Center: Lap swimming pool and leisure pool
  • Four-Court Gymnasium
  • Multipurpose Activity Courts (MAC Courts)
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Climbing Center: 5000 sq. ft., 3-story indoor climbing and bouldering walls
  • Indoor Track: 1/6 mile indoor track with stunning 4th-floor views of campus


  • Locker Rooms: Male/Female and All-Gender changing areas, with lockers and showers
  • Towel Service: Bath towels and sweat towels
  • Equipment Check-Out: Racquets, basketballs, etc.
  • Online Reservations: Book classes and activities with RecRegistration or with the UConn Rec app
  • Wi-Fi: UConn wireless internet throughout facility
  • Day Lockers: Free combination lockers in the open fitness areas for temporary, secure storage


Included in your membership fee:

Additional fees apply:

Membership and Locker Sales

By Appointment Only for Summer 2022
Please email to schedule your appointment.


For those currently employed by the university. Payroll deduction membership are deducted on a bi-weekly basis. First month of membership will be pro-rated and is due at sign-up.

Faculty/Staff Individual +1 (must be Faculty/Staff/Affiliate)
Payroll Deduction $30.00
($13.85 biweekly)
($20.77 biweekly)
Annual - Pay In Full $360.00 $180.00
($540.00 total for both)


Affiliates work at UConn but are not employed by the University. This includes consultants and military. Affiliates must provide appropriate identification for registration.

Affiliate Individual +1  (must be Faculty/Staff/Affiliate)
Annual - Pay In Full $360.00  $180.00

($540.00 total for both)


UConn Alumni are members who have graduated from the University. Please provide appropriate identification at registration.

Alumni Individual +1
Annual - Pay In Full $420.00 $600.00


Community memberships are available to anyone who does not fall into any other listed membership category.

Community Individual +1
Annual - Pay In Full $500.00 $680.00

Short-Term Memberships

Short-term memberships are available to above categories not signing up for a long-term membership. A great option to try the Student Recreation Center on a trial basis!

Short-Term Memberships +1
1-Month Membership $60.00 NA
Semester Membership $165.00 $60.00
($225.00 total for both)

Visitor/Guest Pass

Single day access to the gym. Includes access to the Student Recreation Center only. Programs, equipment check-out and towel service are not included.

Visitor/Guest Pass
One Day Pass $10.00

Locker Rentals

Lockers are available to rent inside the Men's/Women's locker rooms. To purchase new Locker Service, please visit us in-person. Once established, Locker Service can be renewed online. Locker rentals are set by the University’s calendar year.

Locker Rentals (Pay in Full)
Full Locker - Annual $100.00
Full Locker - Semester $35.00
Half Locker - Annual $75.00
Half Locker - Semester $25.00
Annual Term FY '22:   8/16/21 - 8/14/22
Semester Terms FY '22 | Fall: 8/16/21 - 12/19/21 | Spring: 12/20/21 - 5/8/22 | Summer: 5/9/22 - 8/14/22

Membership Fees

UConn Recreation accepts Credit Card only for all membership types

Payroll deduction is available to Faculty/Staff memberships only

All memberships subject to 6.35% Connecticut sales tax

Membership Policies

Plus One (+1)
The Plus One (+1) membership applies to spouses/domestic partners of an eligible Faculty, Staff, or Affiliate. The Plus One (+1) must also be an eligible Faculty, Staff, or UConn Affiliate to qualify. This membership category is not available for purchase online. The primary member must be a current member to add a Plus One (+1) and must also be present at sign-up.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Cancellation requests and refund requests for membership must be submitted via the Cancellation Request Form and are reviewed prior to any determination of funds being granted.

Non-Fee Students
Students not assessed the GUF and the Student Recreation Center Fees will have the option of purchasing semester membership by the semester. Please email for additional information.

Affiliate NetIDs
Those with Affiliate NetIDs must visit the UConn Recreation Administration Office to verify current work status for building and program access.



Student Recreation Center
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