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The UConn Climbing Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Recreaton Facility (SRF.) It covers over 2000 sq. ft. of climbing space with 15 top rope climbs and a bouldering only area. Use of the Climbing Center is FREE to all SRF members. Get in great shape, challenge yourself regularly with updated climbing routes and enjoy a great time with friends. Open climbing time is available every day of the week with our staff ready to assist you.

All climbers using the UConn Climbing Center must first complete a Climbing Center Orientation. See our current schedule on the sidebar for available dates and times.

  • Orientation registration available 48 hours in advance via our online registration portal at See site for details.
  • Orientations are limited to 6 – 12 participants per class.
  • Orientations last approximately two hours.
  • Participants who pass the Climbing Center skills test will have their UConn ID’s activated & may use the facility anytime during open climbing hours.
  • Failure to pass the skills test will require enrollment in another Orientation at a later date.
  • Failure to attend your scheduled Orientation will result in a $25 “No-Show” fee assessed to your university fee bill.

Participant Renewals

Climbing Center renewals are conducted on an annual basis at the beginning of each fall semester. Renewals require participants to complete a new climbing skills test. If you have previously completed a Climbing Center Orientation and require a renewal, please see a Climbing Center staff member during open climb hours for assistance.


Harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, climbing shoes and helmets are available for check-out at the Climbing Center free of charge. Just present your valid UConn ID and our staff will get you the equipment you need.

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If at any time you have any questions or comments, you can always contact us from the contact page.